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  1. did larry from CO get in touch with you for earrings? I gavre him your e-address.
  2. yo! have a guy interested in earings--Larry Crowley from CO. Will be contacting you.
  3. morning Bubba,
    Thanks for the purple leashes !!! and Brandon really likes his red set too
    Many thanks,
  4. have a small weber, charcoal of course. I'll have to make sure it makes the trailer.
  5. Hey Weathering Yard Master! I"M FREAK'N READY!! a small grill will work,make up a few K-BOBs for the work'n crew! My cousin makes some killer K-BOBs need to get her recipe for the secret sauce!!
  6. whats up my beach combing lil buddy? looks like we may have to bring a grill or 2 to NAFA. That would be hard to take, eh?
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