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  1. Can't ever find a ball cap to fit my big head. Idaho law states men must wear hats, you know. Found these driving caps in a catalog. They fit, look good enough and will not blow off. I see more of this style around. Most are finer fabric. I have one of tight weave canvas and this one of oilcloth. Great for hawking !
    Took to wearing a shamagh (scarf). Super comfortable and I guess I just like to look different than every other spud-kicker around here.
    Be well,
  2. I love that hat!!
  3. Hey Kelly, Missed you at last fall's meet. Without you there at the dinner, a few other people had a chance to win things at the raffle Not me though.
    Avatar is of me and my male redtail Tully. I'm the one in the flat hat.
  4. Hi Dan!
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