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  1. Hey again Jim, Bad time of year for going out hawking with anyone. The molt is on and feathers are dropping. This is actually a good time to going on passing test, looking at designing mews, finding a sponsor... Youtube has a bazillion videos on falconry. Some are silly, some are COOL.
    You might check out Youtube videos by Kenny Sterner of his cast of gyr/peregrine teircels. They're called "The Boys". Search "sterner the boys".
    Do you have an idea what species you want to start with ? It really depends on the prey you have to hunt.

    I searched for you on Facebook. There were about 100 Jimmy Bowmans. Could you search me and do a "friend" request if you want. I don't keep too many "friends". Facebook can be a very weird place as I'm sure you know.

    Later, Dan.
  2. Gathering my falconry gear? I still just need to see a hunt in action first!

    Much appreciated though.

    I usually pirate all my books anyway. Kids these days...they never wanna pay for anything.
  3. Hey Jimmy, When you start gathering your falconry gear, don't buy any Sampo swivels. I have a bunch and you can have a few. Sized for redtail, but they'll work for any approximate sized bird. I can make some recommendations on leashes, etc. Books, you're on you own. I have a fair library, but I don't lend.
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