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  1. Hi Paul, sorry I missed your call. I have flown two 3/4 gyr/saker tiercels, the first one would have molted out almost white and was bigger with a flying weight of 31-32oz, and it seemed much wilder of the two, although it did man down ok. Seems slow developing and not nearly as aggressive as what I would like to see. The wind mill got him. The second one is as close to black as you can get, without being totally black. Smaller, and calmer with flying weight of 27 1/2 to 28 1/2 oz. Flies great, kited as good as any, has killed several bags in the stoop, head shots, but not very aggressive on wild game, ducks, although that could change any day. A friend of mine has one too, it is larger like the white one I had, but it is gray. At three years old, it has became an aggressive snappy flier, which flew much like my two it's first year, we have both talked about the cross and think we like the 50/50 gyr/peregrine better.
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