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  1. Hello,

    I just read your post on NAFEX, I haven't logged on in a while so I didn't see it. I will be talking with Ron Clark soon and I will ask him with regards to the proposal and see about getting a copy.
  2. Hi Michael, I was just reading your April, 2012 NAFA Directors report and really appreciate yor transparent tendancys. This has been a major stumbling block in the past when falconers trusted NAFA and found that past Boards had "given away the whole store" when it came dealing with FWS, and members found out later and were angry about how they were represented. I truely see that NAFA has become more accountable to it's membership and want to thank you for your part!

    Speaking of transparentcie, perhaps you would ask NAFA DAL, Ron Clarke, for a copy of the Alaska Falconer's Assoc. proposed NRT proposal, that is currently before the AK. Board of Game. I am also interested in whom the principal authors of this document are, was it Ron? It would be great if you could get this posted on NAFEX, and put on the NAFA web site for all to see. It would be really cool to be able to be able to go up their and pull an eyass Peales Falcon, some day!
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