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  1. Hey Beau,
    What part of Louisiana are you from? E-mail me at
  2. Hello, I'm Beau Mire in Louisiana. Thay tell me you could help me get a sponser. I found a Redtail hawk that could not fly. I know it illegal to keep him. I joind this web site to get advice on how to help this hawk. I took him to the LSU vet school and for now it touch and go so far. He was in bad shape. Thay told me that if he rehabs good thay want to let him go right were I found him. I look farword to seeing Red Bean fly free again. The vet asked me to neme the hawk. Let me know if you have time for me. If not its ok, theres just not enuf time in the day to do what you need to do let alone what you want to do. beau
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