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  1. Billy it's been a pleasure talking with you and I really wish I had trapped a bird so I could have came up and hunted with you, don't think that I'll be doing any more hunting with the harks any more not to good at trapping, and this last heart attack pretty much screwed me as to going and enjoying what I truly loved doing and might not be around come this years trapping season....nice to have be a friend, Stay Strong....
  2. Billy it is a real joy knowing you are a caring person, wish we could have gotten together and hunted, may be in the may be in the up coming season, I'll be more successful trapping Thanks for being a friend....Bill
  3. Hey sorry I have not been on this forum .I have been with other falconers and my self hunting with HH and Redtails. I have to say I love the Red-taill better then the Harris I have seen a lot of Harris Hawks at hunting weight act like asshole and some that are good. The ones that I have been around, asshole out weigh the good Harris Hawks that I have been around.Shera the Harrris Hawk that i have is a bitch most of the time.I have had only 5 Red-tails and all of them were all awesome hunters,responds was great and showed a lot of respect to me and other falconer who have hunted with them.I think now I am a Red-tail Hawk man.I have not seen a Harris Hawk that had that kindness yet.But you may get lucky to have that Harris Hawk that is great to hunt with.It's up to you .I will always have a Red-tail to hunt with.Let me know what you are going to do.It was good to here from you .STAY STRONG BRO
  4. Billy I'm looking for a new hawk and thinking about a H.H. what do you think and how is your feelings about a H.H. vs a good Redtail I've always flown a Redtail and found them to be good rabbit and squirrel birds want is your opinion on this....Bill
  5. Nice Video, and a nice fresh bird she sure looks good, hope this message finds you in good health and spirits it is good to hear from you and to see your video sounds like you had a pretty fair year.. I don't have a bird this year was really hard trapping this year the person I usually Hunt and trap with and the one who got me into Falconry passed away this year was pretty hard losing someone so close and that you have spent so many years hunting with its just been a rough year, but glad you are doing good and hope all is well with your family take care and stay in touch, STAY STRONG.....Bill
  6. Billy sorry to hear about your knee that will stop hunting for sure, it's good to hear from you and that you had a pretty good season going with 39 head of game. I'm doing well but do not have a bird this year, but that is fine I guess I'll try to trap one next year and make the best of it then.. Hope you and your family are all doing well and you get out and make the best of the rest of the year.. STAY STRONG and HEALTHY~Bill
  7. Hi. I having a ok season.Sorry I have not been on this forum much at all.Hope you are doing good.The Red-tail that i have is doing great.Zena the American Kestrel was doing great on sparrow got 9 then when winter started no bird at all,so I give her to a Falconry friend Rehaber so she is living it up.Shera the Harris Hawk I give to to him too his Harris pass on he is a very good friend.I am back with Red-tail Hawks, I trapped a 52oz. monster and she Is a great falconry hawk.We got 34 rabbits so far,I ended up with a bad case of Arthritis and it ate up my knees bad.I had to get surgery 12/28/2012 on my left knee it was bad.I am doing ok a little slow but now i am trying to hunt but ran into a dry spell of rabbit this time of the year.Here is my youtube video some of my videos with Wani My Passage Female Red-tail Hawk are on there,look up billhawkamania1 enjoy good to here from you.STAY STRONG
  8. Hey how are you doing Billy, send me some pics, and tell me how your season has been going..... `Bill..... Stay strong, my friend
  9. This is Zena
  10. It was a great hunting day with Shera.I was hunting at railroad tracks things were going good ,we had 3 slips.Then we had a slip that send Shera across the tracks and here comes a train ,she nailed it on the other side of the tracks.I had to wait till the train passed.There was 30 cars and then some passed by.Then i went across the tracks she sill had the rabbit.We took care of it.Gave her a full crop.That was the longest train i had to wait for to go by.
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