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  1. Kitana,
    If memory serves me correctly (it often does not) I seem to remember a post where you spoke on the efficacy of common household bleach as a disinfectant - provided the dilution/concentration level is correct (I seemed to remember you saying that too much bleach creates a film that traps/supports bacteria).

    Was that your post? Would you mind discussing it again? Do you feel bleach is sufficient as an incubator disinfectant? In what concentration?

    Appreciate your thoughts as a veterinary professional.
  2. Meredith, My FHH took a nasty squirrel bite on her inside toe 2 days ago - chewed on up under the talon sheath, pretty deep. I cleaned/disinfected it thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide and applied topical antibiotic ointment. It has scabbed over nicely and the bird is not favoring it at all, however, it is slightly swollen (to be expected) and feels faintly warm to the touch. I have no local bird vet, but a local vet will occasionally dispense meds for me to administer myself. Their office opens this morning, I had planned to ask for some baytril 14 days worth, 20mg/kg) to be safe. Any advice suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
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