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  1. No, no hawking this year,it's the first year I have not had a bird. But I have had some things come up that I have had to help my mom and so I guess it has all been for the best becuse I just would'nt have had the time to hunt, so for this year I just did'nt take a bird knowing I would be busy. Stay in touch~Bill
  2. Hey Jason hope all is well, thought I would sit down and send some messages of Happy Holiday wishs. Write me and tell me what you have been into as far as your falconry. ~Bill
  3. Great your now on your way,enjoy.
  4. The guys from fish and wildlife just left, and I managed to pass
  5. Hey clad to hear it most of the C.O.'s don't know much but whats on the reg.'s so make sure you have all your equement, scales, leather and jesses made up and your mew by 10'x10' or a good weathering area that bloks the weather from the north and west and be nice. I'll call you one afternoon and we'll talk. Take care
  6. should be taking the exam w/ in the next month. Think I have the guy from fish and wildlife up to speed. He didnt seem to know anything about it.
  7. Jason how have things been, sorry I haven't been in touch lots going on in the family, but I haven,t forgot you let me know if your going to take your falconry exam. and what your plans are.
  8. Glad you understand, thats what happens when you get to be an old fart haha, just don't bounce back as fast as when I was younger. But we'll get together as soon as I can get around a little better. Take care and keep in touch.
    Bill ( old fart )
  9. No problem, the rabbits will be there. Hope you get feeling better. I'll keep working on places to go. Take Care!
  10. Jason how are you and your family doing, hope all had a great holiday, I thought I would be able to get out this weekend put doesn't look good, I took a bad fall running after my bird that had a rabbit, and now I,m layed up with a pulled groin, the Dr. told me to stay out of the feilds for a week or two this really sucks. The weather is getting right the bird is really doin good for him and now I'm shut down. I got your message and was looking forward to getting together this weekend put it's just not going to be for me. I'll keep in touch and try to get out as soon as I can get out and walk any distance so we can go roll some bunnies. Take care and I'll try to get better, I'm really sorry we can not go this weekend stay in touch we'll try to go soon.
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