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  1. That eyes tame hack is the way to go you turn out one cool bird, that doesn't want to smack you in the face. Hope your having fun~ Bill
  2. Great pics. glad everything is going good, My friends Eyes tame hack is also doing great unbelievable how tame they are. Keep in touch as I will do the same. Myself I'm looking forward to trapping season, Have fun and Stay Strong~ Bill
  3. Hi, how are things going i hope good.Kino (key-no) the Eyas Cooper Hawk is doing great.He is killing baggies, coming to the lure and almost finish growing his feathers.Here are some pictures, soon we will be hunting for sparrows and starling.
  4. cool, because Jeff's bird is unbeleaveable for a coop, if yours turns out anything like his your going to love it. STAY STRONG
  5. I will keep you inform on how things are going.
  6. Yrs that is the book, hope all work out as well for you as it has for my friend Jeff. I have truely never seen such a tame Coop. as his hope yours turns out as good , you will really enjoy it. Keep me up on how things are going. Bill
  7. Thank you for the info, i have THE IMPRINT ACCIPITER #2 . I think that is the book you are talking about if not let me know. I think it is a great book,got it when it came out now i am working with it .I have a tame Coops too sofa thing are going good.
  8. Billy have you read Mikr Mc Dermont's book the second one, there is a training method free hacking your Coop a friend has just preety much got his hard pinned and I have never seen a Coop that is so tame. And muscler big strong female, she will let you put your hands all over her and just sit there. It's unreal if you haven't read this book and see if it's for you, because I just seen one of the most perfect coop's I have ever seen. It is more mellow than so HH and just ureal how playful. It does not scream or foot or even bait off the pearch when you walk up it just sits and lets you pet it you can even take your hand andput it over top of it's head and it just sits it's crazy cool. Check out the book, his bird is just over 30 days old, and he lets it out and it flys around all day with the wild coop's and returns in the evenning for her nite meal and he brings her in. You may have already have read mikes book let me know, see ya Bill
  9. Hey Billy good to hear from you and see that you got you a little winged devil, but they are so coolto hunt and about the closes thing to a Gos. I know you will have a great time bonding with Keyno, great to hear from you and keep in touch and let me know how Keyno is doing, and send pics. Stay Strong
  10. Hi, hope you are doing great.Went to Indiana, did not get a Sharp Shinned Hawk. We think the Coops took over. But i got a Eyas Cooper hAWK HE IS COOL but a a lot of work and that is ok with me.I did my home work on eyas coops and now i am living it.LUCKY ME.STAY STRONG This is Kino (key-no).
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