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  1. Great hunt,Shera, my son and i went hunting today.Windy and cold at the AM,wind chills at 27. Shera on the hunt and got a Vole, let her eat the thing. Went back to hunting when she was finish .Had 4 slips but rabbits went in thick brush and then #5 went for a run and got nailed by Shera. As we where looking for #4, she was off the pole circling and spotted #5 and that was all she wrote for #5 (flew at 955g, with great field responds )STAY STRONG ( GOOD LUCK ON THE BASS)
  2. Man your out to but a hurt on those ct's with your new HH have fun,STAY STRONG!!
  3. Hey way to go!!! Looks like your going to fly that one to the very end of the season, I would!!!!!!! Nice bird STAY STRONG.. I went fishing yesterday caught two nice bass.
  4. Nice to be out with your son and fly your bird, lifes great!!!!!!!
  5. On 2-17-2011 Shera got #2 .Today my son and Shera went hunting with me had 5 slips no rabbits.Went to my friends farm and it is hard to hunt. Rabbit on the edge of the woods and thorn bush's too.So when you get a slip the rabbits go in the thorns and they are so thick that a dog can not get in there.She did great went all over 400 acres and her respond was great at 939g.STAY STRONG
  6. Good one Billy, looks like she's going to be a good one. STAY STRONG!!!!!!!
  7. Shera and her Falconer got there first rabbit to day. :lol: 8-)STAY STRONG
  8. Billy thats cool, were all flooded here to but you would think that the rabbits would be out on the edges of those feilds being that there holes are all full of water, I'm sure when it stops raining you could get out and find some bunnies,good luck and just have a good time. talk with you soon.
  9. Hi, it haves been rainy here to.All my hunting spots are flooded and no rabbits. I have been doing jump ups with the Harris Shera. I took the bells off the Redtail Hawk Gunner so i will work with only Shera for the rest of the season when the water drains from the hunting spots and the rabbits come back.TAKE CARE & STAY STRONG
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