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  1. Hey Billy I guess you'll be hunting in this artic blast and the snow that you got last nite hun. I used to love the cold but after two Heart attacks and two back operations the cold just kills me any more. But I find myself over dressing and then shedding some as I go I just don't go as much as I did 15yrs. ago.
    Bill Good hearing from you.
  2. Hi this is billy blackwolf yes i hunt in this cold ,freezing and windy weather. I have two male redtails and they are doing great.I take one kill on a hunt with each hawk.Gunner the first redtail i trapped in Sep.2010 haves nailed 23 rabbits so far.Sarge #2 redtail i trapped in Nov. 2010 haves 6 rabbits he haves nailed, he is small and haves a hard time holding on to the rabbits they take him for a ride and drag him all over the place. Sorry it took so long to get back with you. Good to here from you.STAY STRONG
  3. Billy hey hows it going I know you all have had some weather and just thought I would drop you a mess. and see if you been out in it hunting and doing any good, drop me a mess. I know it's butt cold because we get what you get and it's been realy cold here when you factor in the wind. Take care Bill
  4. Billy it's good to hear you hhave started out the New Year in such fashion. I have been inside nursing a pulled grion after my 4x intermewd caught a rabbit and I fell down a hill trying to get to him. He had a big old woods rabbit and in a bad spot and I was just trying to get to him before the rabbit pulled lose, but after getting my old butt off the ground I got over to him and dispatched the rabbit and got him out of the pile of sticks he was in and all ended well. He croped up on the head and was nice enough to come off and let me have rabbit for dinner. Now I just wish I felt like getting out and going. But the Doc. said to stay in and keep heat on it for a couple days, we'll see how it goes!!! We really have had a hard time finding any rabbits this year, I think were we hunt the dog hunters have run them nocteral don't know it's any bodys guess. TAKE CARE stay in touch!!!!!!!
  5. Hi, hope you are having a great New Year.I went hunting on New Year eve with a passage redtail hawk name Gunner that i trapped on 9/17/2010 .He nailed a New Year eve rabbit dinner gave him a full crop. Today i went hunting with my other passage redtail hawk his name is Sarge.I trapped him on 11/17/2010, we had some set backs. We had a few hunts and did not see any rabbits, but today he nailed two and let them go as i came in on them. Now he knows the game soon he will hang on to his dinner and not let it go.This is the first time he is going after rabbits.Hope you are having a great season too. STAY STRONG
  6. I have a lot going on right now, i will get back with you later.Hope you have a great & safe HAPPY NEW YEAR
  7. Biily; Noticed you had visited my page and would like to drop you a line and welcome you, My name is also Bill and I fly a4x intermewed redtail. So feel free to drop a line anytime.
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