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  1. Hi fellow Texan. I was where you are not long ago (about 2 years ago). Joining THA is a great start. I would sugest not just hawking with potential sponsors. You will find most falconers know the other falconers around them. If you can. Go out with apprentices or generals that can't sponsor yet. They may just point you to the right guy. I am on my 2nd year as an apprentice. I have taken out several pre-apprentices. If I think they have what it takes. I have been known to talk to falconers I know that can sponsor and set up meetings. Again don't just assume becuase an apprentice can't sponsor. That he won't help you find what you are looking for. If you lived closer to me I would welcome you to Livingston. Tx to hawk with me and my RT karah. She is hell on squirrel. Hunted her 8 months this year never had a bite that she could not heal from on her own. Don't count out RTs or squirrels. I was considering a Harris for my sencond year but decided to stay with Karah.
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