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  1. your welcome
  2. thanks bud
  3. When she became hard penned she refused the hood. I hooded my brancher I do not remember the size, I measured her head and drew out a pattern and made it. They are larger than Red-tails, if you are using chinook blocks 25 or 26 on the female. If you are making an Anglo Indian hood than make it after you trap and measure the width of the head behind the eyes. I would do this on the inital trapping since you want to get passed all the stress and it will be quick to get the measurement while examing the bird initally trapped.
  4. hey kieth how you doing? got a question do hood ur ferrugi? just want to know what size does she wear??
  5. If he is a retired CHiP officer then I have talked to him and gave him some nest sites many years back.
  6. hey keith do you know a falconer by the name tony brill in southern california (devore hiehts) area? he wrote an artical on ferruginous hawks...
  7. sent again
  8. its disregard that other post
  9. yes
  10. hey keith this is vang i was wondering if you can get back to me about ferrugi eyries in nevada thanks chat with you soon
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