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  1. Hi Chris,
    I would like to pick your brain if I may? How do you pre punch the leather with your awl? My hoods get a ridge that is to bulky and I can't smooth it out. I think its cuz my hole starts on the rough side but once I go thru it comes out very close to the smooth side of the leather. I need to do a better job at puncturing out the center. Any pointers?
    Thank you
  2. Depends on the hood size, small hoods use light and med weight, medium hoods use medium to heavy weight and large hoods use heavy to ex. heavy weight...
  3. I haven't played w/ roo much. Do I get medium or heavy weight? Who do you recommend?
    Thank you
  4. It's going to be rare for a while, WSP is discontinuing carrying hoodmaking leather and Mike's Falconry calf/kip is hit and miss with quality. Go back to Roo for a while if you can, either that or order from Pineo (I don't like Pineo's though, as of 6 years ago I quit using him as a source).
  5. Hi Chris,

    This is Jorge Herrera in So. California. Ive got a question, help,recommendations. I cant find any Medium weight english kip, looking on line, ordered a few hides from different companies, but its all light weight. I called Westernsporting, no luck.
    Any info on a supplier who carries medium weight kip?3-4 oz.

    Thank you
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