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  1. long as the Quick's don't get it<VVBG>
  2. sold one buckle all year, but donated 8.....but you know I will
  3. tell me/us whatcha want...portrait/one of a the shot! Brandon's doing a belt for you to go with. You'll be the best dressed hawker in Texas brother!!!!
  4. Hey I won the buckle at the NAFEX dinner. How does that work exactly?
  5. 34 - 36
  6. powder is what I'm used to also. His new bird has some damage, but he insisted I ask you your preference. Got another fan, I guess.<VBG> Thanks. I'm supposed to ask your waist size....
  7. I did It should be OK however I prefer seven dust. Never been big on the sprays.
  8. wsup? see the msg re: the lice spray?
  9. He's an idiot. Take the fucking bird to a vet and quit whining about it.
  10. "Mr. Straightlaced"?Gotta love it.
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