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  1. Hope you are knocking around some of those grouse (chickens?)at your new spot
  2. John, dump some messages from your NAFEX mailbox so you can receive more mail.
  3. Had a Sharptail bail on me, my springer almost caught it. My bird is not fooling around, killed two of my experienced homers. Going out tonight weather permitting.
  4. I had to wait for Pheasant hunters to thin out. My bird is only going up 300 to 400 feet but as he gets stronger that will increase. The issue is his weight, he is too low at 26 oz and refused the lure last night at 27.5 oz, I dropped him to 27 for tonights flight,but it is sprinkling so not sure if we will go.
  5. Hi Forrest. Really struggling to get my bird going this year. Age is really showing. He hit the wall a couple times trying to do 600'. Never had that before. Will try today but might be too windy. Hes making duck hasing almost impossibe. Stoops them on the water or locks right over the pond as soon as I approach.

    Good new is lots of grouse. Hope I can get him going before I have to quit. Hows it going for you?
  6. Fog rolled in about a half hour later
  7. Better to be lucky than good. Got home last night about midnight. Thankfully I adjusted his rations when I was home on a layover. He stepped right up in the dark (he hasn't been allowing that) and I brought him in. Waited an hour for wind with fog on the horizon. Perfect wind and put the bait a out 500'. He made me wish I put it higher. Fed him up as we are going to get blown and rained out tomorrow ( get to go down to the bottom of the Sanford Lab with my teacher daughter tomorrow). Pressure is off for a bit.
  8. Hi forrest

    New e mail
    My bird is down to weight and Ive had a few days to get back in his good graces. Wont be able to start for a week due to work. Havent had a chance to go look for grouse but my neighbor says hes seeing lots of young grouse.
  9. Hi Forrest. Do you take apprentices? I've got a guy from spearfish that's been trying for a year or so. I just don't have the time for one right now. Wondering if I can give him your name. Won't do it without permission.

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