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  1. Honestly, since we don't have year-round trapping season here, the latest I've ever trapped a kestrel was January 14, when our season went until then. I'd say if you could find either an unmated adult bird, or an unpaired passager, go for it. I have trouble hawking kestrels when it's warm out, since they tend to go after bugs...but I know many others who've flown in warm weather with them, and have been successful.
  2. Hello Jenni, Looking at your post I am of the opinion that you know a bit about Kestrels and you have good morals when it comes to falconry. I have flown Red-Tails and Harris's Hawks but never a Kestrel. I am interested in flying a Kestrel this year because of a motorcycle accident I am getting a late start this year. I do not want to fly on Bunnies and Squirrels during the warm months (worms). So I was wanting to fly a Kestrel on birds during the spring and summer. My question to you is this: Is it ok to trap a Kestrel this time of year in your opinion because it is breeding season and I do not want to take from the wild if it could endanger a whole family of Kestrels. Or should I just suck it up and wait till after April. Any other advise or ideas pertaining to this would be nice. Thanks, Ken
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