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  1. hello chris, so u worked out the friend request thing then.i'm from south kirkby in west yorkshire its right on the border between west yorks and south yorks amazin hawkin land at the back of our 'ouse as far as the eye can see, ive been into falconry and studied the art since i woz a young kid then after 20 years or so of waitin i finally got my bird 'luci' the frt. i got her from a kid in hull funnily enuff and he flies a gyr/peregrine richard mckenzie he's called.
  2. Hello John,
    Thanks for the compliment I would like to add you to my friends list and will do one day when I work out how to! I may be a little 'challenged' with social networking forums and stuff, but I will be able to get it sorted one day.
    So where in West Yorkshire are you? I used to live just outside Hull on the east coast, Hedon. After about 10 years of being a falconer and flying Redtails, Common Buzzards and Eagle Owls at my house, and flying all sorts of stuff from Gyr Saker hybrids to Steppe Eagles at the best falconry centre in the world the Cotswold Falconry Centre, I moved to the US. I wanted to be a rehabber, looking after all the birds that you have to get over there,so I was a rehabber for a number of years then things sort of went all crappy and I moved to the middle of nowhere in Northern AZ and now live here. I moved my European Eagle Owl to the US from England, and am now working on getting her a friend.

    So that's a little about me,, whats going on with you?
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