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  1. Scott ,uncanny!!just before i got this message me and Adrian(redtailman).were looking at the pics i took last year and i was telling about the 'hybrid' in the pic..strange eh??..
    Anyways,hopefully will call in to el dorado before nafa and meet David with the horses..Hope all is well with you,..didnt know you were on here..take care dude..Gaz..
  2. Hey Gary,

    We met in Dodge City, Kansas last year and then went on to Amarillo for the NAFA meet. I flew a hybrid N.A.- Finnish Gos. Just wondering if you and Guy were coming over the week before NAFA like last year and if you planned on attending the AFC meet in Eldorado, Kansas before going on to Woodward, Oklahoma? I thought we could meet up again. Let me know if you are.

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