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  1. Yep, I hope to have the gyr/saker out flying within the next couple of months. The prairie is doing well. I'm actually in Seattle, WA, now and Trevor is "hawk sitting." We've been medicating her and her behavior is very slowly getting more agreeable. Have a safe trip out here to the NW and I sure know what you mean about the long summer... about 9 years ago I was in your shoes!
  2. That would be awesome to see your gry/saker actually out flying..
    How's your prairie doing?
    Yeah been working with John on getting my equipment and everything going!
    I'm leaving for Oregon Friday for a few weeks, but after I get back gonna start building the mew and getting ready for the inspection. With any luck I should have everything ready to go by the end of August. I'm getting kinda antsy about it now.. Longest summer ever!
  3. Pretty good, Jesus! Glad you're getting the website figured out. It's not too bad once ya mess with it a bit, although I still need to learn how to post pics on here. Anyway, got a prairie and have started work with her. My gyr/saker should be here in about 3 weeks too. Gonna be a busy falconry year! Been studying???
  4. Hey roger how u doing, this website and me finally starting agreeing so I thought I'd give u a shout out.
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