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  1. Hey Tom just wanted to see how your year went ? Drop me a note, take care...~Bill~
  2. Tom I can only hope that it's a better year than last. But you and your family I hope the best of a New Year....Happy Hunting~Bill~
  3. Hi Bill....Here's to wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Years!
  4. Have a happy hawking New Year~Bill
  5. Hi Bill. Sorry to hear you are not feeling too well....that has to be really bothering you I am sure. We are doing well. My RT took a nice cottontail last weekend. Being a 2nd year bird she is great in the field. I am looking forward to having the next week off and getting in some hunting! I hope you and your family have a great Holiday!
  6. Tom hope you and your family and your RT are all doing fine and looking forward to the holiday's, I'm doing OK other than I've been fighting kidney stones and not really felt like doing much at all. I am missing not having a bird this year, but if there ever was a time not to have one it has been this year, the first of 16+ years stright not flying and hunting one. Glad that your having fun out tree ratting I think that you see the true hunt and determanation of a RT when you are hunting squrrials, you really see so great flights. Stay in touch and hunt as much as you can, Happy holiday's to all talk to you soon.~Bill
  7. Glad your finding time to get out and hunt a little since your so busy, enjoy and hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season~Bill
  8. Hi Bill. Hope you are doing well. Went out with me rt today and got our first squirrel of the season. She is following great this year, glad I intermewed her. She did a 90 degree dive on the game today...amazing watching red tails do their thing! Take care!
  9. Hello, Good to hear from you and hope all is well. To answer you about flying a falcon NO I have never flown one and know very little about all that goes in to training one, but I do have a friend that has had several but do to lack of good numbers of game birds here, and the terrain here in Ky. not many people mess with them. Most of the falconers here fly redtails, HH's and Goshawks. Also I've been having alot of trouble with my comp. so if it takes awhile to get back thats why. Take care~ Bill
  10. Howdy Bill. I am doing well and somehow managing family, career, school and falconry (in that order!). My son is getting to that age when he can join me the field so it is allowing me to get out more often. My RT is doing great. How are you doing? Did you get a RT this year? Hey...meant to ask if you've ever flown a falcon? Thanks!
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