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  1. Hey Tim
    We are still planning to come to WV after Christmas. We'll be traveling on Tuesday, I'm planning to hunt on Wednesday and Thursday at Flatwoods. Sure would like someone to come and help flush sparrows for the merlin. I've also jumped rabbits there every time I've hunted there in the past. My cell # is 336-407-1548. Text or call me if you are interested.
    Dan Cowan
  2. I've got some places around lost creek that would be good for a Merlin if you want to try them out. I'm flying a Coulsons Harris rights now but plan on trapping a red tail in the next week or two. The warm temps we've had hasn't pushed any birds down yet so I haven't been very excited about trying to trap one yet. I'd really like to see that Merlin fly. That's a bird I've always been interested in flying.
  3. Hey Tim
    I was at work earlier and not sure if my reply got to you. I'm in the Winston-Salem area. I've been flying passage merlins for the past six years and have a new female that I'm just getting going. When I'm in Fairmont I drive down to Flatwoods on I-79 and fly that big field on the west side of the interstate behind the Amish store. Pretty awesome spot for merlins. You flying a redtail like on your avatar?
  4. Hey Dan
    What part of NC? I used to live in the Jacksonville Wilmington area. I'd be up for meeting up and hunting while your in. What are you flying?
  5. Tim,
    Hey, was lurking around and noticed your post and that you are in Shinnston. I am a North Carolina falconer, lived in Fairmont years ago, and my in-laws are still there. We come up for the holidays, usually the week after Christmas. I bring my bird and hunt there. Maybe we could get together for a hunt?
    Dan Cowan
    Pfafftown, NC
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