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  1. We spoke of Round braiding...have you heard of "kumihimo" ?
    its ancient Japanese cord braiding. I am thinking of trying it, if it turns out, i'll let you know!
  2. well, I can't say that I am not always happy to hear about people with names as bad as mine. When I named my kids, my husband told me: "no stripper names" OUCH!

    I would love to see you get the dark morph, is she hag or immy?
    I have been roofing my inlaws and yesterday three RTH were soaring above us, what a treat to see, while working so hard. One landed across the street and just called and called. It was really exciting to see, and moreso, that my husband was really interested in them as well.
    I am trying to get with my sponsor to sign me off and write me a letter, I hope he hurries, because I still have to hurry up and wait for it to all come back and make me legal...can't wait. I just bought two new books, so between that and roofing I am staying busy as I can, until it is my turn to exciting...and it is all part of the initiation....the waiting, the anxiety....!
    take care and good luck to you!
  3. Hows it going Misty. I know what you mean about names. My ex-wifes name is Patches. lol Well trapping is nearly upon me as I get to go out starting Saturday. I'm thinking I will end up traveling East on 60 and if I don't get anything before I get to Sikeston, I know of a spot with multiple passage birds and a spot that has a local dark morph female.
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