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  1. How's the pup doing? Mine is a pointing fool. She will hold forever too. She pointed 5 coveys of quail Saturday in a very short time. She is showing very little sign of being a retriever though (of course that is secondary job). Now I just need a quail bird. Planning on imprinting a coops for next season. I have two nests to check this spring.
    House breaking is a whole different issue. She still cannot hold her pee. If you don't let her out every 20 minutes she will go on the floor. She also dribbles when she knows she is in trouble or is very excited. I'm worried she is not going to grow out of it. I wonder if having the infection so long has messed her up inside. I'm curious to see how yours is doing on this topic.
    Hope you are whacking lots of stuff this season. I started slow. It was too hot here. Adam and I had a banner day Sunday with the Redtails. Two birds got 6 squirrels (3 each) and a rooster pheasant each. I love my all day Hawking Sundays.
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