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  1. I have some great venison recipies if you want
  2. Thanks for the cooking tips! I know I overcooked my squirrel the one time I tried it. My Great Aunt Hazel swears that they are delicious, but she is not much of a cook save for being able to cook up the most delicious venison I've ever tasted. She's almost 90 now and I miss her venison steaks SO much!
    As for hunting squirrels with my hawk, well I would much rather hunt bunnies. But we rarely come across rabbits. The two times we have my Caprica has nailed them! Squirrels are a little scary because they bite back so badly. But I have found that if I don't crank Cappy's weight down that she will be careful about her catches and will always go for a head hold. She also knows that I will make the squirrel stop biting LOL, so she waits for me once she has one down good.
  3. Well thats one up on me, i have never hawked squirrels, but i have seen them on a video and was very impresed with the skill it seemed to take for the birds to catch the crafty buggers so hats off to you and your bird. I have hunted them with a 410 and they happen to be a favorite dish. Their great fried with mashed potatos and gravy. Another good way is to put a few in w crockpot then seperate the meat from the bones and make tamales. And my personal favorite soak them over night in saltwater then slow cook on a rotisserie while covering with butter and lemon. Maby give your bird the front half and keep the back legs and back straps for the skillit.
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