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  1. Hawkmom; Thanks for your reply, and suggestions, I have already discussed my reapplication with the DNR.
    They are insistant that I "Must" retake the exam as it has been too long since I had an active MD license. I guess my being an old guy has them worried about my mental state. Beuracrats,--such wonderful, and helpful people sometimes, "oh it,s no problem", just make an appointment, and drive 80 miles to Annapolis, what could be simpler for the clerk.
    I will surely take your suggestion to contact the gentleman in Middletown.
    He could be the resource I need.
    As far as leaving MD, I left 15 years ago for Coastal NC, unfortunately a parent in a nursing home brought me back, and the recession has locked me in here.

    Thanks again
    Bill Maguire
  2. Do you have your old falconry permit records? You can re-instate your permit most of the time if you have documentation (and possibly letters of reference) to re-issue it. States now do the permits, rather than the feds, as of January of this year. To see some of the updates on falconry go here:
  3. I think that Steve Hey in Middletown runs an owl banding project for Saw Whets. Just do some internet searches. I am now in N. Florida. Got tired of MD politics, high prices, and encroachment on our hawking fields.
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