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  1. Hello David:

    Just saw this message, I am in the process of retiring and closing my business.

    On feather wear I can only speculate. Astroturf has the little leaves, some are more slick than other brands. The pond liner is smooth, but the surface is not as slick.

    The little leaves on the Astroturf allow mutes and food residue to get down in to the artificial leaves, plus down through the backing to the padding and the plywood base.

    One of the big things about the pond liner is that it can be totally cleaned. The flip side of this is that there is nothing to absorb mutes, so a falcon can step in to mutes.

    One guy uses the pond liner for the actual perch the falcon sits on. While readily cleanable, I still prefer Astroturf for perching. One thing I did note while in the transition process was that my birds preferred to perch on Astroturf as opposed to the pond liner.

    If you would like I can send to you a sample. Just provide me with a mailing address.

  2. Interested in that pond liner idea for the shelf. Moulting 2 chamber gyrkins. I'm thinking this will greatly reduce feather wear. Any thoughts?
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