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  1. hey g man check the nafa 2010 post
  2. g man haaaapppy b day.. grin (molly mae) wanted me to tell you happy b day from her also...she got a tattoo the other day it says "Grin" on her wrist on the inside of her arm I think she thought I would get mad, but it was done for me and it was permanent (sp?) nothing can be done now.. but It was ok with me.
  3. hey g man have you looked at the short wing catagory on the topic of ero gos and na gos to see your input on this.. being I used some of the info you and I talked about at woodward.
  4. Hey mate..i will call ya soon as i get a chance..hope all is well...guy or ady will not be going..
  5. Gary
    just an fyi sent you an email m you must not have gotton it.
    National steer roping finals November 13-14 at guthrie ok lazy E areana thought you might be interested. aiming at going to afc meet then eventuall heading to nafa.
    whatta ya think .. Heather said you might be tryin to go to the rodeo at Fort Worth again when you get in ,., she also said your big brother (guy ) is comming with ..
    how bout Adrian , what is his plan , he comming with you thinkin about bringing horses not sure it will benifit us or not ..trying to hawk off of them and or go ropin.
  6. Hey dude..thanks for the mags!!..Dont worry,i will bring the books back over with me in Nov.,,gonna take a read of one now as it happens...
    Hope ypur shoulders coming on..what the docs verdict??..
    call soon Gaz.
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