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  1. Shera and her Falconer got there first rabbit to day. :lol: 8-)STAY STRONG
  2. 2-6-2011 Unbelievable hunt today with SHERA, all my hunting spots had water .Only 3 slips hunted for 5 hours Shera got her first kill with her falconer,it was a VOLE :lol: . I took it away and then she got a dead starling :lol: and i got that away from her.And then she had some dead animal i do not know what it was it was unidentifiable :lol: and got that away from her. OMG then she got a dead coyote i had to fight and get her off of that :lol: unbelievable she know that i was going to get her off of that so she gave me the runaround on the coyote i fell and my hand went through the coyote and i got her and the smell was bad i called it a day :lol: :P 8-)STAY STRONG
  3. Copped her on Wednesday.STAY STRONG
  4. All is going great she is flying 75 feet and hitting the lure hard. She was hatch in 2008 so she will be 3years some time in 2011. Lucky me she knows the game with falconry,she haves been hunted before.Working with her so she knows me & my calls . Good to HERE FROM YOU.STAY STRONG
  5. Billy,

    Hope all went well today with your new friend
  6. Today i got a Harris Hawk and will work with it for the first time tomorrow :P 8-)
  7. We had a good Christmas & New Year. 2010 I lost most of my hunting spots too, i only have one near home. I had 5 spots that i would hunt, but now i have one. Got two more but they are far 40 miles away. O well i do my best to hunt , that is why when i go hunting with the hawks we only take one kill for one hunt.Any way it is good to here from you.Hope things go great for all us in 2011.STAY STRONG.
  8. Billy, thanks for dropping by and leaving a message. Glad to hear your season is going well. Mine is going well with the exception of actually catching anything...lol. But as far as the RT she is doing everything as good as can be expected. I've been spending alot of time lately running from the neihbors dogs...lmao. Gotta find some new hunting spots. Hope you are having a great new year and ole santa filled ya stocking with some good stuff ...later
  9. Hi Jim, my hunting season is great i am flying two passage redtail hawks on rabbits and they are keeping me busy. Hope things are going good for you this season. stay strong
  10. HO KOLA [hi friend] I am a Taino Native i have done a lot of ceremonies with my Lakota brothers,and you are right it was good to here good words.STAY STRONG.
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