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  1. Dave,
    About 2 years or so ago I emailed back and forth with you about the imprint RT's. I live in Dell City, TX and name is Randy. Lost your email in a computer crash. We talked about pulling a RT later from the nest, I wanted to get imprint behavor but not be imprinted. I did pull a male (nest had no females) and he was awsome. Anyone could step him on to a glove and he was so tame you could touch and rub him anywhere. I carried him everywhere to get him used to seeing people and things.
    He was a true hunting RT, bigger jacks gave him some problems sometimes but he was never a quiter. He was killed early this year by a hagg female RT. It was crazy I thought she had just driven him to the ground but when I found him he was dead.
    I am going to pull a female at about the same age (20-30 days) this year.
    Thanks again
    Randy Rakes
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