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  1. Glad to hear it! You'll do fine on the tests, don't sweat it. Those who love this avocation know more than the folks who regulate it... generally.

    As to the Harris hawk...
    envyenvyenvyenvyenvyenvyenvyenvyenvyenvy jealous envyenvyenvyenvyenvyenvy!

    They are the BOMB!

    Bookmark this site. Lots of good info and resources. Make sure you have a thick skin if you post, some of the replies can seem personal. Given with the best of intentions and with the focus on the well being of the birds. On the person, not so much!

    Good luck on the tests! Love to hear how you do.
  2. isn't hawks aloft that is was from Hawk Quest!!!
  3. Wow that was from awhile Harris'... The Wildlife Center...were I worked until the budget fell apart bought a sweet little male named lefty (one talon on his right foot was white...his bros name was righty...strange genetic anomaly) from Kin up at Hawks Aloft in Parker Colorado. Kin is AWESOME!!! They have fifteen or so Harris...they are such coo birds...and his wife has put her foot down about how many he can have (they do ed programs as well as hunt) and lefty was only 250...and completely trained. I am about to actively look for a sponsor...I just built a beautiful 24 ft cage that can be divided into two...which is dual purpose (future) falconry or animal rehab. I'm about to take the fed and local tests for rehabbing on my own...I have been hooked for a few years now...there is nothing like releasing a raptor that would've died if we hadn't given it a 2nd chance. I'm glad you replied...I'd lost track of this site! Cheers!!!
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