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  1. ITs good that you are taking it slow. I waited 2 years, studying, gathering equiptment, preparing, and such, before I got my licence. I know Vanessa and she is an AWESOME woman and a dear friend. Im looking forward to meeting you at the meets.
  2. I mean like Ur experience with the test. But I know they are switching regs in January or something. This season is pure observation for me. That's what my potential sponsor wants me to do... New ideas would be great too. No matter how simple or odd!
  3. Sounds like a deal dude! O and her name is Vanessa avara. She actually is in Milford, but in the area. And ya, ive been getting some but I still have much to go as u can imagine! Any suggestions for a beginner would be super great...!
  4. We will definitely have to do some hunting together. I have lots of bunnies here and jacks just an hour west. I usually make most of the meets, so if you go we will have to introduce ourselves. Who is the woman in Wichita that you speak of, if you dont mind me asking. Are you gathering up gear yet?
  5. Cool! Ur about 3 hrs away from me! Haha after I get a bird we should definitely do some hunting together. Hopefully I will see u at some khc meets and gatherings as well! As for a sponsor, I found a very experienced woman who I know that lives in the Wichita area. I'm taking it slow so I don't feel rushed. I'm in a dilemma of mews right now!
  6. Johnna, I live in Hutchinson! Did you get your sponsor dilemma figured out?
  7. Hey! I sent a friend request because I realized you are a fellow beginning Kansas falconer! I live in pittsburg in southeast Kansas and I am just beginning to. Where are you from?
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