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  1. Any way. I started out with the ferrug by tossing pen raised quail in a very wide and open area. I would toss them about fifty feet ahead of her. At first she would get some of them and most got away because she was slow at responding. So I kept doing that and she picked up. I was doing this because I knew there was or at least believed there was a necessity that she at a young age needed to kill something and get the blood and excitement going. Most of the quail flew well some did not and would drop at two feet. I though that was bad but it turned out great because it gave her the idea if I stay with them they will fall or stop. So, the first pheasant I tossed was a rooster. He went up about fifty feet and flew over three hundred yards, and guess what, she was right behind him. When he touched the ground and began to run she came in on top and just smashed the bird to the ground. So most of her flights have been over 200 yrds, and one was almost 1/8 of miles.
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