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  1. Hey Caleb, looks like my last message never got sent according to our conversation. The Kestrels at my house haven't fledged yet. I heard the Ravens are really a problem for grouse nesting areas also. They are taking over everywhere as I heard some of the Prairie Falcon nest are occupied by Ravens, and a few hack towers are occupied by Raven this year, even though they were active last year. Come on up once hunting gets going. There is going to be a lot of pheasants this year, and it will be perfect for your tiercel. Look forward to watching your bird fly, Rick
  2. Yeah, its been a great time thus far. Many of the Kestrels are fledging now or have already fledged, so it was a great success.

    No news on the Owl and Ferruginous nests this year, but we got them up a little late.

    I'm not a big fan of ravens. Many (most) of the prairie nests we checked this year had ravens in them. Down here they are at way too high population densities and predate on many upland birds and raptors. Bad news in my opinion.

    Anywho, I hope you and yours are well. I sneak up to the north country (ID) many times a season, perhaps we can meet someday.

  3. Hi Caleb. You have been busy this year with Kestrel boxes, and Roughleg platforms. I have Kestrels that nest on the side of my garage. How are the roughlegs this year? Do they use those platforms, or do you find Ravens take them over. Real problem with Ravens these days.
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