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  1. Richard, I made a trip north had to cut the story to get this on here.

    I saw three Gyrs of the Hagathite clan , no passage, a continual stream of Marsh hawks , they came thru the pass as well, roughlegged hawks, three or four golden eagles, the first a passage, a hawk owl, one shortearred owl, one peregrine of which I have great pictures of, caribou, fox , moose, a big bad grizz, THOUSANDS of GEESE streaming up the road to DEADHORSE which was the end of the road for me. That Early morning provide more for me to see than anyother time I have been there. I am so glad I got up at 4, Ptarmigan in huge flocks getting gravel on the road, I kept moving and didn't take but a few pics on the way up and regret that now because all the critters disperse in the afternoon to wherever but I still got good shots.

    I was tired from lack of sleep for the thirty six hour drive but it was so well worth it.

    I will post you some pics to your email

  2. I see you made it home okay. Done any trapping yet? Hoping to hear about you getting a nice late passage gos!
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