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  1. Hey Tom,

    Just doing my annual check in! Hope you're doing well!

    Work promoted me and has taken too much time for me to put the effort I want into Falconry anymore - plus the SO and I are expecting a little one (of the human variety) in about a month, less and less time it seems. But I still keep up-to-date and check in - did some Volunteer work for the Raptor Center, etc.

    - Amanda
  2. I'm doing alright!

    I have not passed/taken my test yet, still have been studying, but with going to college as well as the other stuff, I didn't feel I had the time I wanted or needed to dedicate to my apprenticeship at the time. I'm still living in MN/WI - now in the Hudson, WI area.

    Florida must be a whole different world; and the winter has been chaotic and unusual this year. Do you have pictures or a thread up for your PMRT? I'd love to see any if you have them!
  3. Hey Amanda.

    Hope you are doing well.....saw you got engaged and moved. WOW.

    Have you passed your test yet? Where are you living now? My sponsor, Paul Simonet, is still flying RTs and living just east of the cities. He's a master with 35 yrs experience. Good guy.

    I'm in Hernando Beach FL with my PMRT.........he likes it do I! There's a few falconers down this way............a much different experience than those MN/WI winters. Stay in touch.
  4. Hey Tom -
    It's been a while since we spoke last! Just checking in to see how things are going for you!

    Hope you had a great new year!
    - Amanda
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