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  1. Hey Chris!

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I have been really busy with work and getting ready for trapping. I live in Church Hill which is located approx. 25 miles E - NE of the Bay Bridge. I am a second year apprentice and I flew two seperate FRT's last season. I am looking to trap a new 40+ oz. flying weight RT this year. I have hunted all my life and was a professional guide for many years. My girlfriend Tracy loves falconry and takes pictures for us all the time. You can check out my threads from last year for the full story. lol!
    I am a little short on time right now as I am in the agricultural line of work and things are getting busy with the upcoming harvest. All of that being said I would like to talk to you sometime. PM me and we can exchange info. Take care, until next time.

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