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  1. Oy! Totally didn't notice the message here, sorry! I love Big Bang, it's just so funny. Aww I would've been touched if you named him Dimitri too But I do think Ptolomy is just as respectable as the other! I did not know about the Russian history behind the name, I just thought it pretty adorable haha. Maybe my next bird I'll go for Horus. I wish you the best with your new buddy!
  2. Hey....

    Thanks for the friend Request!!! :-) I am going to try to get up a little earlier and bring a loaded trap on the way to work... and see if I can get me a new AKM.... I am watching The Big Bang Theory... its cracking me up... sorry... side tracked... hehe... I am thinking of names for my new guy.... and I keep thinking I should honor yours by calling mine Dimiti??? I loved that name when you picked it... and Its also Russian and Grand Duke Dimitri with Prince Filix of Russia were the 2 who killed Rasputin!!! hehe.. sorry... another side track... but its a great name... what do you think? I am not 100% sure have thought of Horus as well??? Egyptian love it as well.... Oh well I ll let you go and I ll talk to you soon,

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