1. ann5
    A question about the software. How do I choose a reliable developer? I would like to order the creation of a great UX SaaS user interface design. When creating it is crucial to think about the overall customer experience and therefore improve the product one tiny step at a time.
  2. Vikkii
    SaaS is software built on the type of Internet services. The end customer service model is based on the principle of renting an application located on a cloud service, rather than buying it. Accordingly, the work of maintaining and updating the software remains with the provider (the developer). The end customer receives a ready-to-use application software, working via a familiar web-browser, mobile application, less frequently, a PC application. The client customizes the application to his needs by making changes to the available parameters. Learn how to develop a saas product a high quality and get the most out of it.
  3. alexx
    Thanks. I am thinking of a website design too. So some help in software/cloud/website development will be indeed needed soon. So if you let me know what shall I do next, I will be grateful.
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