Anyone interested..

  1. Tyme2fly
    Thinking of doing a camping/hawking trip. Anyone wanna get one planned in December??
  2. forensics
    I am trying to get something for the North Florida area. Broad wing and Long. Found a Nice large open area with nice sized pond yesterday. Chipley / 1-10 area.
  3. Girl with a red tail
    Girl with a red tail
    we are heading to check out Fort Myers area in December to see if we can find any good hunting sights since we are camping down there anyway...
  4. forensics
    I am passing on ay Northern Meet set up by myself............Cannot do it alone and no contacts calling about it so I am pulling out of trying.
  5. toneill100
    I talked with one of my cohorts in Fort Myers about hunting lands. I will let you know.
  6. forensics
    I will have to play by ear for a mid florida trip. But will not rule it out. I have a sick mom and tend to stay close at the moment.
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