What kind of transport can I drive after getting a TB driver's license?

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    What kind of transport can I drive after getting a TB driver's license?
    A Tb driver's license allows the driver to easily manage such municipal urban transport as a trolleybus. It is noteworthy that previously it was not necessary to open a new category. The innovation appeared only in 2016. Previously, the TB category was included in the existing rights and was indicated in the column of additional features.
    Obtaining such rights is complicated by the fact that they are not issued in every driving school in any locality, so it is sometimes easier to buy a TB driver's license than to look for an automobile school that provides training in this area. The need to purchase Tb category rights may arise in the event of loss or damage to an old document, after being deprived of a certificate for a long time, if there is a lack of money or time for training, if there is a need to quickly obtain a document, etc.
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    Regardless of the reason for contacting us, we are ready to help with registration of rights not only for Russians, but also for foreign citizens.
    The easiest way to get the rights to a trolleybus is described on the On-prava website /
    Самый простой способ получить права на троллейбус описан на сайте On-prava.
    What documents are required to purchase TB category rights?
    The sale of a driver's license to operate trolleybuses in Moscow is carried out on the basis of the data and documents provided by the client. In order for everything to be executed, according to the established regulations, in order to fill out a state-issued form and further post the received crust on the traffic police database, it is necessary to provide such information and documents:
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    A photocopy (scan) of the second, third and fifth pages of the passport of a citizen of Russia.
    A 3X4 cm color photo taken in a photo studio.
    The residential address where the ready-made rights of the Tb category will be sent, and the index.
    Last name, first name and patronymic of the recipient.
    Contact phone number.
    To buy a license, you just need to call us at the specified number and discuss the nuances of the transaction with a specialist. After our managers receive the necessary information and documents, we proceed to the production of Tb category rights.
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