I have been interested in the NFT

  1. ann5
    Hello everyone!!! I have been interested in the NFT world for a long time and want to become an NFT owner. Can you recommend some course or resource to help me understand this topic?
  2. Vikkii
    I can certainly share some information about NFTs. NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) are unique digital assets that are recorded on the blockchain and cannot be exchanged for each other, unlike cryptocurrencies which are fungible. The nft owner https://romtos.com/course/product-ow...nager/web3-nft has ownership of digital content, be it art, music, videos or even virtual land parcels. The course on Romtos is a great opportunity to understand the world of NFT and Web3. It is designed for product owners and product managers who want to learn how to integrate NFT and blockchain into their projects. In the course you will learn how to create and manage NFT products, understand their value and monetize them. There will also be training in blockchain technology and its role in the future of the internet.
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