What websites are good for watching porno?

  1. jioptret
    I'm a lonely man and I need some advice as to what websites are good for watching porno? I know that there are a lot of sites out there that are bad and have viruses, but what about good sites?
  2. konv
    It's better to find a girl who actually wants to have sex with you than watch some random video online where she doesn't even look like she's into it. And if you're going to spend money on something like that, why not just go out and meet someone in real life?
  3. archybows
    I don't believe that there are men who don't watch porn at all. Those who say it's wrong or unacceptable are hypocrites, who most often visit such sites. I, for example, no problem to say that from time to time I watch porn, I like liberated girls, I can not help it. And it often happens that I want a quick release of tension, but the girl is not there. If you're still looking for a really cool porn site, then my advice to you - look at hotdose.com, here you'll find videos for every taste.
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