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26-10, 13:40 jaredharris
lol yup back up to 90 today.......what the heck
17-10, 15:49 gemiller
Fall? It's 80* here in PA! I'm still patiently waiting for fall!
06-10, 15:28 jaredharris
happy fall people!
07-04, 19:35 Breeze
Totally keeps the household running more smoothly and more HAPPILY.
05-04, 10:54 Toadstool
Completing the old Honey-do list is always a good idea
05-04, 10:44 gemiller
My birds released as of this past weekend so now it's on to keeping my mind busy Time to build a new mews, work on the truck restoration, and the "honey-do" list that gets a half year procrastination
04-04, 16:39 Breeze
I did the mews stripping/cleaning a month or so ago. No carpet involved though - thank goodness! Have fun with your fake turf!
04-04, 14:47 Toadstool
I gotta do carpet this weekend, but its the fake turf in the mews lol gotten a bit... slice-ey
04-04, 12:21 Breeze
LOL! I'm ripping out ancient (and nasty!) carpet from a spare bedroom today. Oh yeah, I'd MUCH rather be flying Breeze!
04-04, 12:13 Toadstool
6 months of falconry withdrawls.... *shakes and cold sweats*
03-04, 18:38 Breeze
It is hard to believe another season has come and gone! Feathers dropping here, but will be a LONG summer, until time to fly once more!
21-03, 15:50 Toadstool
Can't believe the season is coming to an end soon!
29-02, 11:31 jaredharris
I feel like together we can bring back the small talk.
29-02, 10:01 gemiller
Isn't it though! It needs some liveliness in here!
24-02, 16:00 jaredharris
what a lonely chat box.....
13-11, 13:09 HawkinCrazy
Hey it's not for lack of trying��
12-11, 23:00 hypnotek
HawkinCrazy, get a bird will ya?!
29-06, 00:03 460shooter
My RT has dropped all tail feathers, and most of the primaries and secondaries. Had her under lights since mid March.
25-06, 16:02 Pyro01
My RT's molted out almost all her secondaries, 4 primaries, and 1 tail feather, silly bird.
17-06, 21:38 HawkinCrazy
No birds to molt, no eyases to raise, boy am I bored...
15-06, 19:48 REverest
Summer Sucks common fall
02-05, 15:11 Rising_Flames
Always watching, not much chatting
02-05, 11:59 REverest
02-05, 11:52 REverest
any one useing this right now? lol
14-03, 01:37 scrumbrakk
just figured someone needed to move this chat thing along, good luck in the mold


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