Hi guys. Thanks for all the help so far. This board has been a valuable resource and a place where I have been able to get a laugh or two.


I'm Bill Rhinehart
I live in Riverside, Ca.
I'm about 60 miles S.E. of L.A.
I'm a gun owner and an avid Duck and Turkey hunter.
A Labrador Retriever trainer and breeder. (Trained a Field Trial Champ)
I am a volunteer for The San Bernardino County Raptor Rehab Center.
I work for an Equine Veteranary Hospital.
I ADORE Ted Nugent.
I dispise Liberals.
I have the best sponsor in California.
I SUCCESSFULLY trained a Red Tail Hawk (named Sugar) who was a "Brancher" and illegally removed from the wild BEFORE she even knew how to fly. (I'm very proud of that!)

I am an Apprentice I. I got 100% on my test and I read everything I can get my hands on.
I'm a new member of CHC.
I have had my license for about 4 months.

A lot has happened in those few months including:

Obtaining a "Rehab" bird through a transfer from the center with expressed permission from USFWS, Portland.
I taught her to fly. (well...not exactly fly .. it was STOP she didn't understand and on several occasions nearly knocked my 180lbs over)
I am Nursing my bird through Coccidiosis.
Observing and treating Frounce in another wild bird. (a Coopers)
Losing my bird and actually recovering her.
Identifying mistakes I've made and correcting them.

I truly believe I'm on my way to becoming a very good Falconer.

The bird comes first, everything else will then fall into place.

Thanks for helping me through losing her. I needed that Kick from Mike too.