I live in central KY near Taylor county. I can't believe just by looking down the introductions page how many falconers there are in KY! Im 13 rite now and I know I cant get a permit yet but I will turn 14 this summer and I wont have the money to get started until then anyway.
I hope I can get the money together to get into falconry, from what i've read on the internet I think me and my dad can build alot of the equipment (perch, and housing) but you KY guys know ive gotta have $175 just to get a permit. I'm pretty sure I can make that much money plus enough for anything else I need this summer through side jobs.
This sport seems amazing, I know it takes a lot of hard work and alot of time but im willing to put forth that much effort.
I hope by the end of this new year I can get a good foundation into falconry.