You know about Nafex, here are some other sites.

Great info here, Don't get scared by the training information, this woman is like the bird whisperer or something. I have not gone even close to how she trains her bird, but will.
Forum like NAFEX, but from Europe and Other parts of the world.
Not as much action as NAFEX but worth signing up.
Another Europe SIte

These are the three books that I started with.
Falconers Apprentice- Great read, to the point. Read it a few times

California Study Guide- Just a guide to study for the state test.

California Apprentice Manual- Great Info, Tough read.

Here are some more worth while books.
A Falconry Manual- Not a whole lot on falconry, but a lot of info on the birds used in falconry.
Georgia Manual- Don't have this one, but may be worth a try.