Dear NAFEX members,

There is a huge influx of new users on this forum who are spammers. If you click on the "welcome our newest member" with a highlited user name, you more often than not you will see a name like Joebill3423489, and if you look at their profile they say they are from some state with no city listed, and in their signature will be a link to some outside website. I suggest never ever clicking on that website link. I have no idea if they are bad or not, but my guess is that some may contain viruses, or malware, stuff you don't want to mess with. I try to ban as many of these new users as possible, but I can't ban their IP addresses, only Chris can do that, so most of them keep trying to get in as users, and most probably end up on here. Just be aware there are people, or entities on this forum who probably have bad intent.