Hello all, thought I would introduce myself. My name is Dan Bray and I live in England. Falconry has been something I have been interested in for as long as I can remember. I had the wait until I owned my own business to find the time and take it up at the age of 27, a long wait since the age of about 13 when I decided I wanted a kestral but after alot of thinking I decided I didnt have the time to do it properly.
First season was with a female Harris which was a dream come true. We did very well and ended the season on around 167 head of both feather and fur. Second season was with the same bird we had another exellent season again showing some improved hunting skill on the birds behalf. I also started my second season with a lanneret which was destine to be a lure bird, but I couldnt resist hunting it and put down some grey partridge as an after thought. He had a few and some impressive flights dispite the land not being right for gamehawking, before they moved on due to me over hunting them.
Third season is with my dream bird, a male finnish goshawk. This is the bird I have always wanted from the first time I heard about goshawks and has always been the goal.
We had a very good season taking a mixed bag and I can definatley say I will always have a gos in the mews.
Coming up to my forth season now and taking on a male pere/saker who will be flown after the game season with the gos at spring rooks and crows off the fist until end of march.

A few photos of my gos Vinnie